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Anger Management

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DBS is a service that provides training for quality of life, aimed to save lives and restore hope.  Emotional support is provided for each unique situation.  We offer to individualize one on one and group training to help develop positive behavior practices that promote peace and harmony in relationships.  We teach an entrenching way of thinking and operating by introducing methods for simple self-growth.  The training aspect of this organization is credited to Anderson and Anderson, Inc.


Each client is provided with an EQ-i 2.0 assessment test before training, and based on that analysis each client is profiled for learning.  A personal curriculum is created just for you and mapped out and used as a matrix to gain an overall perspective for understanding how the mind and thoughts influence the behavior and actions of self.



It is our mission to provide quality training that will assist children, teens and adults to develop excellent life skills.


To inspire those who desire a quality of life in our community.


We strive to develop and preserve lasting relationships.



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Location: Gardena                                                                   Location:  Los Angeles

2325 Rosecrans Ave.                                                                 5444 Crenshaw Blvd - 200

Gardena, CA  90249                                                                  Los Angeles, CA  90043

Office:  (310) 413-1261                                                               Office:  (323)  445-1561

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